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Flora Décor Box Preserved Roses

Flora Décor Box Preserved Roses

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Real Roses That Last for Years| Gift for Her, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Housewarming

Our elegant Décor Box contains a collection of real eternal roses in pink and red, arranged together with eternal greens and wild flowers. To add to its beauty, the wooden box is covered by an acrylic lid to stop it from accumulating dust. 

Product Description

Show them how much you adore them!
Featuring a range of bright red and pink roses placed on lush greens, carefully decorated with wild warm-toned blooms, the Décor Box delivers style and elegance. The arrangement comes in three sizes, each with their own unique character. The floras are enclosed in an acrylic box placed on a wooden pedestal instantly drawing attention anywhere in the room it’s placed in.

Product Details

  • Small
    Flower Count: 3 Eternal Roses
    Box Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 6.7 (inches)
    UPC: 685457721229

    Flower Count: 5 Eternal Roses
    Box Dimensions: 7.3 x 7.3 x 6.3 (inches)
    UPC: 685457724725

    Flower Count: 9 Eternal Roses
    Box Dimensions: 8.9 x 8.9 x 6.3 (inches)
    UPC: 685457724787

    Disclaimer: please expect variations from the image as each arrangement is unique and handmade by our in-house artisans.

Product Care

Disclaimer: please expect variations from the image as each arrangement is unique and handmade by our in-house artisans.

Our roses are non-toxic, non-allergenic and contain no harsh smells!

Keep the floral arrangement in a room and not outside
Try to keep the lid on to avoid dust collecting.
If dust collects, remove it gently using a duster.
Be mindful when carrying the arrangement; it's a very delicate product.

Do not water the florals.
Do not expose the florals to direct sunlight.
Do not place anything on the florals as they can be crushed or damaged.
Do not remove the florals from the box.
Do not allow florals to have direct contact with light-colored fabric or surfaces, as staining may occur.
When cared for properly, your luxury eternity arrangement can last up to 8 years with minimal effort, no watering, and no maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Eternal Flowers?

Our eternal flowers are real miniature roses which come from our rose fields in Eurasia. Each flower is carefully grown until it reaches full bloom, and then hand picked at its most beautiful state to undergo a preservation process which makes them last much longer than the normal rose, lasting up to 8 years.

Are The Eternal Flowers Real?

Absolutely! All our floral arrangements are 100% real and freshly cut. 

How Long The Eternal Flowers Last?

They last anywhere between 5-8 years depending on how they are cared for. 

How The Eternal Flowers Last for Years?

To ensure long-lasting florals that provide aesthetic appeal for years, we use a proprietary non-toxic solution and color pigmentation process to keep the freshness of the flowers.

How Do I Care for My Eternal Flowers?

They require very little maintenance and care. They require no watering and as long as they are kept within the arrangement and not touched they will last their lifespan. Clickhereand look at our care instruction page for the full caring process.